Sing a Bunny Song

September 2, 2008

Project Info

Sing a Bunny Song was one of two Bunnytown games that I programmed for Playhouse Disney. It was also one of my first AS3 games. Being new to the AS3 language and architecture, it proved challenging, however I learned a lot from the game. It set the framework for future games.

ActionScript 3.0 was fairly new around this time. There were still tons of Flash files programmed with AS2. And this game needed to communicate with an old AS2 file for giving out carrots at the end of the game. You would then spend your carrots in the Carrot Shop for clothes for you own bunny, and items for his home. So, in order for the AS3 to AS2 communication to work, I had to set up an AS2 to AS3 SWF bridge.